The secret to a sharp kitchen knife that you can not miss

Kitchen knife is an indispensable tool in human life. So how to choose the sharp knife, durable and suitable for the needs of the family. Let’s learn through this article offline.

Sorting knives according to use

According to the purpose of use in different kitchens that one can classify into different knives, as follows:

Multifunction knife

The knife is used for a variety of purposes and for a variety of foods. They have a serrated edge and a blade length of about 13 cm. The use of this knife is to cut meat and vegetables larger when using a knife. It can also be used to prepare sandwiches.

Bread knife

This knife helps you cut slices without breaking. They are designed with the serrated blade or shell edge, long blade. It is, therefore, possible to cut a hard, thick layer on the loaf without tearing or knitting. It is also the best knife to cut sliced fruits like tomatoes.


dao cắt bánh mì

Type of engraving is designed with a pointed tip or round nose, flat body (not serrated). The main purpose of this knife is to remove the meat from the bone, then it is used for more purposes such as barbecue, cutting fried items …

Filter or fillet knife

dao khắc

This is a very special knife, often used for professional chefs. Helps users filter out fish bones or meat and poultry. Easily. Filter types usually have a narrow, hard, and curved tongue, so that the tongue can easily work around the bone. The slender shape, a typical size of a bone knife to remove the bone from 12 to 17 cm.

Cutter or milling cutters

Dao phay

The blade has a thick blade, very heavy and strong with features highlighted live knife slightly curved up. It is used to cut, cut or mincemeat but is not recommended for cutting too large bones.

Sort knife by steel component

Forged blades:

Do not worry about rolling blades Large steel rods are forged into smaller and solid steel bars, which use this steel to sharpen the knife blade. The knife and knife are in one piece. This feature can help your peace of mind without having to worry about rolling blades. But you will have some disadvantages when handling will not be sure, affect the operation when you process food.

View the composition and the chemical Ingredient of the forged steel

Cutter knife:

Suitable for pocket money This type of cutter is also cut from a stainless steel strip. It’s not strong, not sure of the wrought iron knife, but the quality is quite good, and cheap is also a factor for you to choose.

Carbon Steel Rod:

Excellent sharpness This is the best quality stainless steel knife. The blade is very smooth and sharp. Also, this is a knife that you do not have to grind frequently, but still retain the sharpness of the knife. However, its price is not low, but certainly worthy of the knife quality brought to you.

Stainless steel knife: light and shiny

Stainless steel knives are popular in kitchen utensils from ancient to modern. Because it is made of stainless steel, the price is reasonable but the gloss and sharpness are quite good. They can handle a lot of work in the kitchen such as pruning and can be used for many kinds of food. It is because of the advantages that this knife is quite a lot of chefs and sisters used.

However, this material is quickly abrasive and requires you to grind frequently for good use.

The secret is to pick sharp knives

Find out what kind of knife you are going to buy

The cost and quality of the knife depends on the material and the technology that makes up it. So I’m going to share some tips to help you get started and decide on a quality knife of your choice. And with this preservation, their life expectancy will be higher.

Material – Blade and knife holder

When choosing to buy knives we pay attention to materials: Stainless steel (imported from Germany, Japan, China …), knife from carbon steel as tweezers, ordinary steel (manufactured in Vietnam)

See more types of steel fabrication

Stainless steel:

thép không gỉ

Advantages: Use stainless, very hygienic food safety, eye-catching design

Cons: Steel blade is blunt, used for long time very tightly, must grind to grind it very time consuming.

More high quality stainless steel

Carbon Steel:

thép hợp kim



Advantages: If it is steel tweezers, the blade is very durable, tweed material is elastic, can elongate high durability, no warping, batching and deformation when cutting objects.

Disadvantages: Blades exposed to water for a long time will rust. Corrosion depends on the type of steel, the density of steel. If the iron is tweezers rust will be overcome, the poorer steel will rust scabs, cooking is very unsafe sanitary.In addition, the knife handle also affects the use of knives. The handle can be made of plastic, wood or metal, in which plastic handle and wood handle more convenient. But for a long time, it’s easy to get stuck. Choose a good wooden handle, if it is plastic, then select the handle with a sturdy rivet.

When choosing the knife to note

+ Sturdy hand grip, the length of the knife, without the need to handle knife weight should also be proportional to the function:

+ Knife tightly: must hand, usually this type of knife is designed seamlessly with the knife to make sure.

+ Dao: The criterion to choose this knife is light, thin blade, slightly pointed, when the attitude of the knife with good cutting surface, will be sweet and compact quickly.

+ Multi-function knife: Take care of the role of fruit, cum always tight: demand sharp, healthy, moderate weight, large Cut chopped small: about 10 to 14cm peeled fruit or small food

+ Blade bone cutter: rectangular knife, firm grip, tongue and strong knife life, tightly mixed with hard foods such as bone, pipe legs …

+ Filter: need sharpening, sharp blade filter fish, filter bone …

+ Also equipped with knife sharpening tools, chicken cutter, multi-purpose scissors …. Use: Use the correct function of each knife: Absolutely do not bring the knife out to chop.

The best way to check for sharp knives is to cut a piece of wrapping paper – a kind of wrapper – like a vegetable cut, not a paper roll. If the blade is easy to go through the paper without any problems, it is a sharp knife.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen warriors. Hope the above share has brought useful information for you.