Which steel forging is used to build ships, making the safest

Steel used to build ships often has quite high technical requirements. So what kind of steel should we choose to build the ship, to make the ship shaft, the screwshaft to ensure safety and quality? Let’s find out through the information below:

Steel makes the ship shaft or propeller often large, it needs high rigidity, firmness and no air bubbles. So forging steel will be the optimal choice for this unit. So what kind of forged steel should you choose to make a ship screwshaft?


Forged steel SF55 is hard, solid, every forged product is checked by careful ultrasonic method. SF55 steel is used to produce parts such as ship and boat propellers, because they have the following components:

thép rèn SF55 đóng tàu làm trục chân vịt

0.43-0.50.17-0.370.60-0.90≤ 0.04≤ 0.04≥ 0.3

SF55 steel is essentially S55C steel (JIS) through the forging process to become more rigid, removing air bubbles. This steel is equivalent to 1055 according to ASTM standards. You can also choose steel grades like SF45, SF60, SF35,
The nature of the forged steel is plastic strength, good steel structure, less distortion when producing.


SCM440 forged steel is forged steel from alloy steel. They are equivalent to 42CrMo (GB), 4140 (ASTM) or other steel grades in alloy forging groups such as SCR420, SCR440, SCM415, SCM418, SCM430, SCM435, SNCM220, SNCM439.

thép rèn SCM440 đóng tàu, làm trục chân vịt

0.38~0.430.15~0.350.6~0.85≤ 0.03≤ 0.030.9~1.20.15~0.3


SCM440 forged steel is alloy steel due to its Cr> 0.3 content, so they are more resistant to deformation, wear resistance than carbon steel. With that advantage, this type of steel is also a good choice for ships’ ships and propellers.

Stainless steel 316

Stainless steel 316 , which is characterized by high wear resistance. In the high nickel component, it is suitable for the steel to be suitable for the marine environment, even the contaminated sea area or the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, 316 stainless steel after undergoing forging process will be the best option for shipbuilding, making ship shafts.

thép rèn inox 316 đóng tàu, làm trục chân vịt


316 stainless steel forged steel has the ability to resist oxidation at temperatures up to 925 degrees Celsius, corrosion resistance, can be used in acidic environments, bromide, iodides. However, this type of forged steel is more expensive than forged steel from carbon steel and alloy forging.

Whether stainless steel, carbon or alloy steel, after forging, they are suitable for shipbuilding. Therefore, in order to achieve the durability and longevity for ships, you should prioritize the selection of forged steel materials. Hopefully the article will help you choose suitable steel materials to offer quality marine products.