About Us

FY is the abbreviation of FENGYANG, the full name is “FengYang Special Steel Co., Ltd.”We also have branch offices in Shanghai, Korea, Pakistan.

Our products

Applying the most advanced production process in the world, the product meets standards from quality to quality. We pride ourselves in satisfying millions of customers through the following main products:

Steel Elastic

65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 50CrVA, 51CrV4,
Tweezers, automobile parts, automotive tools, cutting sickles, springs, saw blades

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Steel Alloy

SCr420, 40Cr, SCM420, SCM435, 12CrMo,SCr440,SCM4135,35CrMo....
Liquid conduit, oil pipe, pressure boiler pipe

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Steel cold drawn pipe

SCM440/4140, SCr420, S20C/1020...
Automobiles, bicycles, hydraulic cylinders, fitness equipment, gas cylinders

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Steel Stainless/Inox

SUS201, SUS301, SUS316L, SUS410S,
Car accessories, kitchen utensils, machinery equipment, electrical appliances,

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Weather Resistant Steel/Corten

Rail vehicles, oil rigs, seaport buildings

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Steel Molding

17CrNiMo6,34CrNi3Mo, 36CrNiMo8, 718V, WB36...
Used in the production of molds

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Steel Forged

SCM440, SCM420, SCR440, SCR420...
Machine shaft, high load shaft, large torque, ship shaft

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Machinery Equipment

Cutting machines, automatic grid presses.
Spinning machines, Hydraulic presses, Slitting machines

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Metal Color

Bronze, Brass, Titanium, Nickel, Aluminum..
Conductors, electrical details. radio, telegraph, telephone

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Why should you choose us

Special and rare steels

We supply special steel, rare hard to find in Vietnam market

Competitive price

Products are manufactured in the factory so the price is always the best competitive element

Provide bulk

We are committed to producing every quantity that customers demand.

Diverse size

In addition to the available standards, we can supply any size you require

Meet all requirements

Steel bars, steel pipes, coils, sheets, strands, wire … are provided to suit the purpose

Perfect quality

Each product is factory-delivered to ensure the standard of quality and size.