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A guillotione shear is a machine that uses a blade to shear the plate in a reciprocating linear motion reative to the othe blade. It is provided with an upper blade and a fixed lower blade, and a reasonable gap is used to exert shearing force on the matal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plate can be broken and separated according to the required size. Guillotione shear belongs to a kind of forging machinery, it is mainly used in metal processing industry.



  • Series FYQC11Y hydraulic guillotione shear

Performance and characteristics:

-All steel welded structure, vibrating treatment of aging for removal of internal strsess. With good rigidity and stabitily.

-Using precision slide railto eliminate the rail space. The shearing quality is good.

-Rectangular blade and the four blades can all be used. The life of the blade is long.

  • Series CNC FYQC11K hydraulic guillotione shear

Performance and characteristics:

-Adopting QC11Y series hydraulic guillotione shears structure.

-Selecting special CNC system for shearing machine.

-Ofrear screw imported ball screw and linear guide rail.

-According to needs of users, we help you choose othe CNC system.

FYQC11/k technical parameter:




Shearing thickness (mm)

Shearing width


Shearing steel strength (N/mm2)Strokes (min-1)Back gauge  (mm)Shearing angle (o )Main motor power (kW)
FYQC11/k-6X400064000≤ 45010-3020-6000.5-1.57.5
FYQC11/k-8X250082500≤ 45014-3020-6000.5-211
FYQC11/k-8X320083200≤ 45012-3020-6000.5-211
FYQC11/k-8X400084000≤ 45010-2520-6000.5-211
FYQC11/k-12X2500122500≤ 45012-2520-6000.5-218.5
FYQC11/k-12X3200123200≤ 45012-2520-6000.5-218.5
FYQC11/k-12X4000124000≤ 4508-2020-6000.5-218.5
FYQC11/k-16X2500162500≤ 45012-2020-8000.5-2.522
FYQC11/k-16X3200163200≤ 45012-2020-8000.5-2.522
FYQC11/k-16X4000164000≤ 4508-1520-8000.5-2.522
FYQC11/k-20X2500202500≤ 45010-2020-8000.5-330

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