Why choose steel to make cold stamping mold?

Currently the mechanical industry, manufacturing industry, industrial precision, heavy industry is becoming increasingly strong. As the industry grows, the demand for industrial molds is growing. Accordingly, the importance of steel molds is improved, to meet the domestic market.

Usually the steel used to make molds varies from ordinary steel to good grades. Therefore, in order to save money, many people choose ordinary steel to replace specialized mold steel, therefore their lifespan is not prolonged as well as affect the accuracy of sample.
In the mechanical part is divided into cold stamping mold, hot stamping mold and plastic mold.

What is a cold stamping mold?

Cold mold is a commonly used tool in the manufacturing industry, metal and alloy machining from cold deformation methods. Normally cold stamping molds are used in the manufacture of automobiles, motorbikes and household appliances. Cold mold is a tool for forming products under the pressure, the workpiece is used to shape products in a cold state, usually in the form of thin sheets.

thép làm khuôn dập nguội
In order to match the requirements of forming cold mold products, it is made up of two parts: the upper mold (pestle) is attached to the hammer, moving by the pressure of the hammer. The lower mold (mortar) is fixed. Hardness of mold surface required to ensure product quality on one end of the mold as required.

Application of cold stamping mold

Cold mold is divided into mold groups such as:
a. Punching, punching mold
– Mold cut without any direction
– Shaped cutting mold with guide plate and positioning pin

b. Stamping mold
– Simple mold has no navigation
– V-shaped bending mold with bending base less than 90 degrees
– Complex bending molds, with cameras
c. Punching mold
– Simple claw mold without clamping
– Rim-shaped cylindrical claw mold

Depending on the production requirements of different types of products, there are different types of molds, made from different steel grades.

Why use steel to mold

Need to choose the correct mold material, mold materials must be suitable for each type of mold and stamping materials, working frequency of the mold. When making molds, they must be heat-treated to have good durability, rigidity, toughness, abrasion resistance to ensure long-term mold work, while improving product quality. Therefore common steel types, often fail to meet the toughness, durability, rigidity … technical factors. Therefore, the usage time is often short, and must be replaced often quite expensive. Conversely, if you use specialized steel to make a pattern, it will overcome these disadvantages. However, their cost is higher than conventional steel.

thép làm khuôn dập nguội skd61

Steel grades can be used to make cold stamping molds such as: 2 ~ 4Cr13, DIN1.2083, 1.2344, 1.2738, 1.2316, H13, D2, P20 + Ni, P20 + S, SUS420J2, SKD11, SKD61, DC53.
Above are some information about cold stamping steel that you need to know. Hopefully the article has brought interesting information for readers.

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