Indicators need to be provided for an inox quote

Stainless steel is the most used material in all aspects of life and economy. Therefore the need to use them is very high, so what parameters you need to provide to the company to quote inox can be done.

Domestic trading companies

For domestic trading companies, the stainless steel price table will be much simpler. We only need to provide important parameters for stainless steel distribution companies such as:

– Steel grade:

Stainless steel grade that you use, because there are dozens, hundreds of different types of stainless steel. Each type has different chemical components, mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties.

Therefore each type will have different value and scope of application. Stainless steel grades are often used as
+ sus201: for home appliances, kitchen ware
+ sus303: good machinability, often use lathe, latch, shaft
+ sus304: commonly used, widely used as household, interior decoration, architecture, food industry
+ sus316: better than 304 in terms of corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in food processing, paper industry, chemical industry …

– Size:

There are many different sizes and shapes of stainless steel, so these are important parameters to get the right product you need.
+ Stainless steel pipe: thickness and pipe length, or OD, ID and length
+ Stainless steel plate: length, width and thickness of the sheet
+ Stainless steel rolls: thickness and width of stainless steel
+ Stainless steel bar or solid round bar: length and length of stainless steel bar


+ Stainless steel wire: need to supply non-stainless steel
+ Seamless shape V: thickness, length v
+ Seamless shape L: length, width, thickness of letter L
+ Seamless shape U: length, width, thickness of U shape

– Quantity:

The calculated number can be tons, kg or how many trees

– Surface:

Especially for stainless steel type you need to pay attention to their surface. Because they are quite diverse as:

bề mặt inox

+ No. 1: be cleaned by chemical surface and tempered after hot rolling phase. Used in industrial tanks, chemical industry tools.
+ No. 2D: no glossy surface, steel is annealed and processed chemicals after cold rolling. Used in oil factory equipment, automotive details, construction materials and stainless steel pipes.
+ No. 2B: processed on the surface of No. 2D so the surface is smoother and smoother. This material is applied in many cases.
+ No.3: polished with 100-200 mesh density polishing pads. It is applied in construction, interior and exterior decoration, household tools, kitchenware.
+ No.4: Polished with 150-180 mesh density, has a higher gloss than No.3, beautiful silver-white surface. Commonly used in exterior decoration, inside buildings and in the food processing industry.
+ BA: shiny surface like mirror, polished by the tempering process after cold rolling. They are used in household tools, kitchenware, construction materials and many other items that need to be shiny.
+ HL: the surface of the vertical line, created by the polishing machine on No.4. This type of product is often used for interior and exterior decoration, doors and door frames.
+ Dull: The matte surface is created by reducing the gloss of No.2B and creating a rough surface. It is used in exterior and interior decoration, ceilings and lift walls.

For domestic steel distribution units, the above indicators have helped you get a stainless steel price quote.

Companies, steel factories abroad.

For companies producing steel from abroad, often the quotation will be a bit more complicated. Because this type often applies forms of international purchases and sales.
In addition to the parameters to be provided as in the form of domestic purchases such as steel grade, size, quantity and surface.

However, you need to choose the appropriate quotation forms like:
• Delivery at the production site (Ex Point of Origin – EPO).
• Free on Board (FOB)
• Delivery next to vehicles (Free Along Side – FAS)
• Delivery includes: price, plus shipping fee (Cost and Freight – C&F or CFR)
• Delivery includes: price plus insurance and freight (Cost Insurance and Freight- CIF)
• Delivery at destination port (Ex Dock – ED).
After choosing the price according to the delivery method, the stainless steel supply company can give you a quote for you.

Above are some specifications you need to remember to provide stainless steel distributors to get a quote. Hopefully the article has brought useful information.