What is stainless steel plate 201? Where to buy good price?

In the market today, stainless steel gradually become familiar with each other. How much does stainless steel 201 cost? What is stainless steel? What are the common types of stainless steel?

What is stainless steel?

Inox has many different types in terms of structure as well as shape. There are stainless steel popular in the market today such as stainless steel sheet, stainless steel roll, stainless steel box, stainless steel pipe, … But most commonly used are stainless steel sheets.

Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled Coil in Feng Yang

Stainless steel sheets are laminated products into each plate depending on the needs that stainless steel sheets are divided into many types such as:

Stainless steel plate 304
Stainless steel plate 201
Stainless steel plate 316
Stainless steel plate 430

Each type of stainless steel is different in shape, weight and size. Depending on the thickness and weight of each plate we can choose the stainless steel plate suitable for his work.

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign partners, we focus on producing 400 stainless steel hot-rolled, 300/200 hot-rolled systems added according to the production situation. In addition to meet the different needs of customers. FENGYANG also manufactures according to customers’ thickness requirements or step by step processing (coiling + slitting + cutting).

tấm inox 201
Figure 1: Stainless steel plate produced directly from the factory with advanced technology and imported to China by Feng Yang.

With the continuous efforts of Feng Yang staff and the trust of our customers, we are proud to bring the best products to our customers in the field of home appliances, tools, needles cold rolling and other manufacturing industries.

400 steel grade 400: 410L / 410S / 410 / 430B / 430 / 430L / 420JI / 420J2
300 Steel marking system 300: SUS304 / SUS309S / SUS310S / SUS321 / SUS316L
200 Steel marking system 200: SUS201 (Low / medium / high copper content)

Production Method:

Thickness: 3mm-16mm except 400, thickness of 400: 3mm-9mm.
Currently, the 400 HR coil system is the only one in the country that can produce hot rolled coils to a thickness of 9mm. Thickness (excluding 400), with a thickness of 400: 3mm-9mm

Dimensions: 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm / (cutting edge / grinding edge).
Surface of production: 1 (hot rolled surface)
Roll production: (5-7tons) / 7-10 tons / 10-15 tons / 15-20 tons
Corrugated stainless steel coil:
Steel: 400 Series / Series, 300 / Series / Series, 200 Series / Series
Production surface: 2B / 2D / 2BB / 2BA / BA
Surfaces can be processed: 4 / 6K / 8K / 10K / …
Production technology: 8/20 (rolling machine / machine).
Incubation: Vertical annealing / Horizontal annealing.
Production method: thickness: 3mm, width 600mm, 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm (edge ​​cutting / edge grinding).
Weight: 3-5 tons / 5-7 tons / 7-10 tons / 10-15 tons / 15-20 tons
Applications: stainless steel appliances, kitchenware, stainless steel appliances, household electrical appliances, decoration, seal, processing and other fields.

How much does stainless steel 201 cost? Quote cheap stainless steel plate latest.

With every roll of stainless steel / stainless steel sheet we are thoroughly tested technically. Parameters such as thickness, surface, chemical composition are guaranteed based on customer requirements. So you can rest assured about the quality of the product. Each parameter is guaranteed to be accurate from millimeters. Therefore, if there is a need to buy stainless steel plate 201 in large quantities, quality to serve the production. FengYang is one of the reliable addresses that you should not miss. Please contact us to get the best price from today.


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