Processing of activated solution changes the color of corten steel A / B

Corten A / corten B steel is increasingly used in architectural and artistic works in the world and is gradually developing in Vietnam. However, how to get corten steel to color fast, beautiful is a problem many people have headaches. Let’s find out through this article.

The Corten patina formation process

The speed of change and the final color of the steel are dependent on the atmospheric conditions of a site and the level of pollution – sulfur dense atmospheres will speed up the oxidation process and result in a darker patina. Frequent cycles of wet and dry conditions will also speed up oxidation.

However, if conditions are consistently wet or dry, a uniform patina will not form – for this reason, weathering steels should not be used indoors. The entire oxidation process usually takes between 2 – 6 years.

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The process of color change in nature of weather resistant steel.

Usually the time for oxidizing corten steel usually lasts from 2 to 6 years depending on the location of the impacted environmental factors. The color of steel is also so that there is variation over time periods. Let’s see the color variation over the years:

thép corten năm 1

màu thép corten năm 2

màu thép corten năm 3

màu thép corten năm 4

màu thép corten năm 5

màu thép corten năm 6

màu thép corten năm 7

How to get weather resistant steel to color quickly

Normally for corten steel to be colored, it should be affected by temperature, humidity, other environmental factors. For weathering steel, it gives natural copper rust color and the color changes according to nature. However, to meet the demands of time, progress and aesthetic value, it is necessary to quickly color the works. So the surfactant solution is an effective way to solve this problem.

When using surface activation solution, the color of corten will be raised in rust color in year 1. We cannot use the solution to achieve rust color in years 2, 3, 4 … Which element Time is indispensable to achieve the desired color. In other words, the rusty copper color 1 is the default when using a solution to accelerate the weathering process. Even if you add a lot of solution, the color and weathering are still the same. They can only shorten the color up time in 1 year.

Surface treatment with surface activation solution

1. Steel surfaces should be cleaned from mud, grease, oil, paint, concrete, mortar splatter and other foreign substances to minimize cleaning costs. (Scrub can be rubbed on the surface 1 time to remove dirt, grease.)

2. Stand up the steel plate (definitely need to raise the steel plate)

3. Spray the solution evenly, during the spraying process, it will spread to other locations, however, in the positions, it is necessary to spray more solution to create uniformity.

4. After spraying the solution for 10 minutes, spray the mist on the steel surface to create moisture, the surface will quickly activate.

Above are some interesting information about corten steel A / B that you need to know. Hopefully the article has brought useful information about a new material.