What is stainless steel? What are the ways to classify stainless steel?

Stainless steel shape meets the anti-wear and rust-free demands of high-end buildings. Currently in Vietnam market, we can find the type of stainless steel U, V, C, I quite easily. So do you know the difference between these stainless steel types?

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel or also called stainless steel is a form of iron alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium. It is less prone to discoloration or corrosion like other ordinary steel. High abrasion resistance, no rust. Therefore, stainless steel is a type of steel with special shapes made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel classification

According to production technology

Currently on the market, stainless steel is divided into production technologies including: stainless steel and welded stainless steel. Currently with Vietnam’s steel production technology, we can only do welding technology. So for casting stainless steel, it must be imported from abroad. But mainly from the Chinese, Korean, Japanese markets …

For welded stainless steel, they are put together from compatible material samples to produce the desired shape. For example, with V-shaped stainless steel, it will weld 2 stainless steel bars equally in length, width with 90 angle to create products. Of course the disadvantage of this type is that the surface is not beautiful, showing welds, joining together. And this factor can affect product durability as well.

thanh V inox 304

For cast stainless steel, they are made directly from molten liquid steel that is poured into the standard shape and size. Therefore, the technical error of welding method is limited. Just as there is no joint connection on the surface.

According to the shape

The most visible and recognizable is that we can distinguish according to the shape of stainless steel. Usually in the market often popular with shapes like U, I, V, C, L, H, L … triangles, hexagons, box shapes. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can choose different shapes to match.

inox hình u, c, i, v

According to the grade of steel

Besides production technology and shape, steel grade is also one of the extremely important factors to distinguish. Because each steel grade they will have different chemical composition. From that affect the hardness, durability, abrasion, rust of the product. The popular stainless steel grades in stainless steel market today include: SUS201, SUS301, SUS303, SUS304, SUS309, SUS310S, SUS316L, SUS410S, SUS410, SUS420J1, SUS420J2, SUS430, SUS440 …

Above are some basic information that you can use to classify and visualize different types of stainless steel shapes on the market today. Finding companies that sell stainless steel in large quantities is not too difficult for welding. As for castings, you can buy them at steel import companies to get large quantities. Hopefully the information shared above has brought useful things to readers.